Sienna Kuo

Community Outreach Chair


Major and Year
Urban Studies, 3rd year

Oyster Bay

First Big
Keith Leung

Family Theme

First Year in CA

Why did you join CA
To meet new people and to have family like friend group in college.

Why did you join board
I wanted to help branch out of being just a social club and wanted to have members involved in helping the community.

Shopping, getting boba, fencing, volleyball

Favorite music genre and artists
RnB, Hip hop, EDM, Pop. Everything, but country and metal.

Favorite CA Event
Downtown Disney

Favorite Annual Event
Family Reveal <3

Favorite Memory from Ski Trip
I didn't go :'(

Favorite Part of Culture Night
Seeing my twin (Elisha Tang) perform <3

Favorite Pun
I was wondering why the volleyball was getting bigger... Then it hit me.