Patrick Khanh

Internal Vice President


Major and Year
Civil Engineering, 5th year

Los Angeles

First Big
Catherine Tran

Family Theme

First Year in CA

Why did you join CA
I was a loser and wanted to not be a loser

Why did you join board
During an afterevent my first year, I wanted to help out with setting up, but Cathy (my big) stopped me saying I'm not a board officer so I couldn't help. WELL LOOK AT ME NOW CATHY!!!

Video games, tennis, coffee

Favorite music genre and artists
Mostly rock: The Beatles, Fall Out Boy

Favorite CA Event
"The Challenge" Never done an egg-drop before, used my engineering skills to dominate!

Favorite Annual Event
Chinese Association's Culture Night! Two quarters of practices, one hell week, for one night. While it's an major commitment, I can't help but fall in love with all the friends I make

Favorite Memory from Ski Trip
Hiking/photoshoot at Eagle Falls

Favorite Part of Culture Night
All the friends I make. Oh and performing as the male lead! (Act 2, Scene 8 was pretty fun, I guess) Join skit! That might be you!

Favorite Pun
Why did the blind man fall into the well?
Because he didn't see that well.