John Prudente

Media Director


Major and Year
Biological Studies, 4th year


First Big
Amber Huynh

Family Theme
Awkward Animal

First Year in CA

Why did you join CA
I had a couple friends who wanted to join, and I thought it’d be the best way to make new friends since I just transferred to UCI.

Why did you join board
I joined board, because I really wanted to give back to the club that made my first year at UCI a crazy/fun rollercoaster!

I love filming and making videos! So, expect me to be recording during events and family outings! :D

Favorite music genre and artists
I’m down for anything but country. BASICcally, just put me down as the casual UCI EDM kid who goes to most of the events!

Favorite CA Event
My favorite CA event has got to be rollerblading during fall quarter.

Favorite Annual Event
My favorite annual event would have to be any of the quarterly clubbing events!

Favorite Memory from Ski Trip
I had an great time learning how to snowboard for the first time with some pretty awesome possum people! :)

Favorite Part of Culture Night
Aside from the actually Culture Night show being amazing, I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone during hell week practices.

Favorite Pun
Did you hear the kidnapping at school?! No? It’s okay, he woke up anyways. :)