Jana Ho See


y r u like dis

Major and Year
Business Economics and Public Health Policy, 3rd year


First Big
Nina Van <3

Family Theme
Adventure Fam

First Year in CA

Why did you join CA
I was actually looking to join VSA, but CA flier'd me during the Anteater Involvement Fair so I ended up checking out some of their week 0 events and enjoyed the ambience and people of CA a lot more :P. I joined CA because I was looking for a community and after this year, they started to become my home away from home.

Why did you join board
Joining board was a very big decision for me. I was inspired by my big and many of the other board officers to join, but I also wanted to focus on AMP, my job, and academics. In the end, I want to do for future members what CA did for me: they gave me a family, a home, and people I can rely on through thick and thin.

Sleeping, adventuring, food/boba runs, road trips boyyy, simping

Favorite music genre and artists
RnB, Hip Hop, Rap, EDM, anything simpy, anything really ranging from Chance the Rapper & Kehlani to We the Kings & Fall Out Boy.

Favorite CA Event
Too many to choose from...possibly rollerskating/iceskating? Both events were very chill and fun. Skating with friends, teaching friends to skate, or racing people and just enjoying good company, good music, and good vibes all around.

Favorite Annual Event
Again, too many to choose from LOL... Family Wars? It was an event implemented last year and as a Family Rep, I was able to help plan some of it and seeing the fruits of your work blossom well where everyone was having fun on a chill field day was definitely one of my favorites.

Favorite Memory from Ski Trip
Snowboarding! It was fun and painful and scary trying to go on the steeper slopes with new friends. Also staying up late and enjoying the time with everyone else in the cabin heh! Don't miss out on ski trip!!!

Favorite Part of Culture Night
My favorite part was definitely Hell Week when everyone from skit to dance to ninjas are all together working on a production we've poured our hearts and souls into over the past year and seeing it being finalized was definitely an experience worth reliving... JOIN CULTURE NIGHT!!! :)

Favorite Pun
Me: Would you rather eat a pound of bricks or a matter baby?
You: What's a matter baby?
Me: Nothing babe, what's the matter with you? ;)